Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Word Rescue

You know how every year this or that group comes out with their annual list of words that should be banned, or phrases we never want to hear again? (I believe I have run those type of lists. Here. And here.)

Well, the clever folks at Wayne State University - just a click of the big hand south of my home - issue annual lists of words that have fallen out of favor and deserve a second chance.

Words like:
Cerulean ... Dragoon ... Mawkish ... Natter

These are words, say the WSU Word Warriors, that are "some of the English language's most expressive - yet regrettably neglected - words."

You can find the complete list, with definitions, here.


As seen in "The Writer's Almanac"
by Mira McEwen

Committee Meeting.     Burden Of Proof.
     The Simple Truth.          Trying To Be Nice.
Honestly.   I Could Have Died.     I Almost Cried.
         It's Only A Cold Sore.
It's My Night.       Trust Me.       Dead Serious.
I Have Everything All Under Control.
              I'm Famous For My Honesty.
     I'm Simply Beside Myself.           We're On The Same Page. 
         Let's Not Reinvent The Wheel.
For The Time Being.    There Is That.
              I'm Not Just Saying That.
I Just Couldn't Help Myself.                   I Mean It.


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