Friday, January 07, 2011

Banned Words, 2011

It's time once again for the folks at Lake Superior State University to issue their list of words and phrases that have worn out their welcome in 2010, and should be "banned" from polite conversation.



"Viral," in the sense that a funny or moving video posted by a website or on YouTube catches fire with the public's imagination and it is forwarded around the world faster than the flu on an airplane.

"Epic," of which overuse has reached epic proportions. [Side note: uh oh. We just bought our daughter the Samsung "Epic" cell phone for Christmas.]

"Fail." One commenter wrote, "Fail is not a noun. It is not an adjective. It is a verb. If this word is not banned, then this entire word banishment system is full of FAIL."

"Wow Factor" is said to be served up with a heaping of cliché and a side of irritation.

"Back Story" does not need to exist because we have a perfectly good word that we've used for years. The word is "history."

"BFF" is Best Friend Forever - or until the next big fight, whichever comes first.

"Man Up." It's not just overused, it's bullying and sexist.

"Mama Grizzlies," when used to describe conservative political women, instead of actual bears, should be put down.

"I'm Just Sayin'," is most often used to diffuse any ill feelings caused by a previous remark, but really, it's just repeating the obvious. [Second note: uh oh, again. I use this phrase on my website. I'm just sa----umm, never mind.]

[see the entire list at the Lake Superior State University website]


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