Friday, January 28, 2011

Bad Blind Date Lines

Good heavens. I just realized I hadn't changed the year on my post dates. Nearly a month in. Well, that's been fixed.

Speaking of dates (in two of the word's three meanings), Valentine's Day is just a trio of Mondays away. Which means it's time, gentlemen, for your refresher primer on what you're saying by the color of roses you give her.



"That's odd. You sounded handsome on the phone."

"I'd love to go there for dessert, but it's outside the 2-mile radius of my ankle bracelet."

"Please stop talking to the waiter in Klingon."

"I didn't realize sweater vests were still in fashion...."

"Huh. I thought Kim was a woman's name."

"I just love gravy on my pancakes."

"You used to model before? Do you have the number of the person who modeled 'after'?"

"So do you shine that bald spot or is the glare natural?"

"So when you have a downline, you make more money because you're the upline, see?"

"Nah. It's still bad. Have another mint."

[selected from around the web with several from Chris White's Top Five on relationships]


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