Friday, January 15, 2010

Post #700: Banned Words 2010

It's time for another round of words and phrases that should be banished, courtesy of Lake Superior State University. It's their 35th annual version.


Words and Phrases That Should be Banned in 2010

There are 38 "czar" positions in the administration. We have everything from a "drug czar" to a "car czar." What's next? A banished words czar?

And all of its variations: twitter, tweetaholic, retweet, twitterature, twittersphere, twitwit.

Why can't we just call them programs again? Do we really need an abbreviation for "application"? Is there an app that makes this word go away?

This is the act of sending sexual pictures via cell phone, much like you would send a text message. Any inappropriate new social trend that involves a clever mash-up of words, teenagers, and ends up on television talk shows should immediately be banned.

"Friend as a Verb"
Came into vogue thanks to the popularity of Facebook and other social networking sites where you add someone to your network by "friending" them. "Befriend" is just as useful and won't offend your average dictionary.

"In These Economic Times...."
This phrase has been used as an excuse for just about everything. And if an e-mail or letter from your employer starts with this phrase, it usually means you're not getting a raise this year ... or you're losing your job.

It's no longer a grant, it's "stimulus money." Any concept or asset used to increase business is now a "stimulus package." I'm not stimulated anymore by this word.

Have we reached the point where just being friends with another man has to now be described in romantic comedy terms? This word should be abolished to the same dustbin as frenemies, Brangelina, or blogorrhea.

[selected from Lake Superior State University; see the complete list here]


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