Friday, January 29, 2010

Cross Breeds

Just a short post today, to make up for yesterday's novella.


What do you get when you cross...

A fawn with a hornet?

A pig with a cactus?
A porker pine.

A cat with a lemon?
A sourpuss.

A banana with some light red lingerie?
A pink slip.

A chicken with a bell?
An alarm cluck.

An Eskimo with a nudist colony?
A polar bare.

A dove with a high chair?
A stool pigeon.

A tree with a baseball player?
Babe Root.

A parrot with a centipede?
A walkie-talkie.

A rabbit with a kilt?

A hummingbird with a doorbell?
A humdinger.

A dog with a chicken?
A hen that lays pooched eggs.

[Top Greetings via Wit and Wisdom; some small edits by Mark Raymond]


We have one day left in the month. January has hastened its way through the year, already. Remember the Saturday Novel tomorrow and maybe a rant on Sunday (I can feel one building up).


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