Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Checking In

Well, this explains why my bank offers me "reward points" and prizes for signing my name on a charge instead of using the PIN for my debit card.

And the rich get richer....



When I worked as a clerk for a large hotel chain, I would often personalize my transactions by glancing at the name on the credit card the guest was using and then use his or her name as we finished the check-in or check-out procedure.

During one very busy check-in evening, a guest was using a corporate card and I failed to catch that. As I handed him back his card, I said, "Have a pleasant stay with us, Mr. Bell."

"Oh, please," he replied pleasantly, "call me Taco."

[used March 1, 2005, in Mark Mail]


WONDER for YOUR WEEK: Are the three dimensions of a credit card length, width, and debt?


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