Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Airline Bankruptcy Signs

My wife usually travels to Florida twice a year, to help her mother on their annual "snowbird" migrations. This last time, she stayed for nearly a week and had to check a bag. Which cost money.

Couple that with recent news that most major airlines have once again raised their fees for checked luggage, and we suddenly have incentive to check out this site.



In-flight movie is black-and-white 8mm footage of the pilot at age 4.

Boarding passes: cheap. Unboarding passes: real expensive and only sold mid-flight.

The reservations clerk laughs when you ask for a return flight.

Air sickness bags are chained to the seat and re-used.

First class seats are filled with UPS packages.

[Chris White's Top Five on Travel]


WONDER for YOUR WEEK: Do pilots on British airplanes sit on the right hand side of the cockpit?


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