Monday, February 11, 2013

Miscellaneous Monday On the Road

Hey, all ... I'm sitting in a motel in Athens, Alabama, on the road to Florida with my Dad, as I mentioned last time. So today won't be anything specific, just some random observations as I spent 10 hours in a car today.

Goodbit: First off, there's good news! In 2009, I blogged about a study that suggested global warming was just a natural cycle of the environment. Now there's a study that is nearly proof of that theory. The hole in the ozone is healing! (See picture at left and follow the links.)


Daughterbit:Secondly, here's a bit of something my daughter and her friend Jordan (also known as "Daughter #2") taught me while we had supper at a fast food joint last night. If you take the little paper ketchup cups and stretch them out at the top, they will hold, like, twice as much! I was pleasantly flabbergasted by this simple and effective tip. Now I will do it all the time. (I took the photo at lunch today. Dad and I eat cheap lunches on the road. Don't hate me.)


Dadbit: Here's a tidbit Dad taught me today. In the photo below, see where the sign on top - the one that says, "Exit 227" - is located? Over on the right side of the sign? That's a hint. That's the state telling you that the upcoming exit is on the right side of the road. Exit # signs at the top left indicate the exit will be on the left (of course). Exit signs in the middle generally mean your exit isn't the next one, it's just giving you a heads up on what number exit you'll need.

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