Saturday, February 02, 2013

The Blog Returns!

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So. Yeah. That happened. The Postal Service offered a VER, or "Voluntary Early Retirement," to qualified personnel. I qualified, and I accepted their offer.

At just 55, I'm much too young to think of myself as retired ... but then again, a few months back some kid working the counter at McDonald's gave me the senior discount on a cup of coffee, without my asking for it, so ... maybe I'm not too young?

Hmmm. Maybe I *am* too young, but look old enough to be retired?

Ugh. I don't think that's any better.

Anyway, it's a brave new world for me and so far the only thing I've done with my eight extra hours each day is sleep 'em away and spend even more time exploring the World Wide Web and playing Facebook games. But I will choose to be okay with that aimless "me time" for a bit. No need to rush into anything new, I suppose.

My father and I will be heading off to sunny Florida in just over a week. Hopefully I can blog a little about that from the road.

Eventually I'll be structuring the blog back into the old "Mark's Musings" three-part format of an interesting slice of life, a joke, and a bit of trivia or wordplay ... but I'll probably start slowly -- three times a week, say -- rather than daily.

As the modern proverb goes, I don't know what the future holds, but I know Who holds the future. So like the character of Mr. Henslowe, the theater owner in the movie, "Shakespeare in Love," I don't know how everything will work out -- it's a mystery -- but I know it will all come out fine in the end.

Tune back in Monday for another installment.

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