Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine Groaners

Valentine's Day, 2011.

Today, on this "day of love" here in America, I'm announcing that I intend to show myself some love.

You see, for almost the past two years, I've held a position with the Postal Service that requires me to rise by 3:00 in the morning, and be on the clock - and usually on the road - by 4:30 a.m. I enjoy the work, but the difficulty I've encountered is that I can seldom seem to put myself to bed much before 10:30, 11:00 or even midnight. This has resulted, finally, in my diabetes slipping out of control, and a couple of other minor health issues related to this long term sleep deprivation.

Why do I stay up so late? Well, sometimes there are simply obligations, projects, or deadlines that must be met and accomplished. But frankly, most of the time it's because I made myself - and you - a promise to have something in your Inbox or posted on my blog every weekday. And that's a commitment I took (and take) very seriously. But now I find I must back off on that, at least a little bit.

Please hear me clearly: a daily "Musing" is still my goal, but it can no longer be my mandate.

So, going forward, if you find a day goes by without me, let's both be okay with that, knowing that your Inbox and the Internet is a little less cluttered, and I'm getting more sleep.

Happy Valentine's Day to every one of you. And even to me.


What do squirrels give their loved ones on Valentine's Day?

Who sends hundreds of Valentine cards signed, "Guess Who"?
A divorce attorney.

What did one snake say to his sweetie on Valentine's Day?
"Gimme a hug and a hiss, baby."

You should always fall in love with a French pastry chef.
You'll get buttered up.

My mother's sister snuck off in the dead of night to marry her boyfriend. Which was rare. You don't see many antelopes in these parts.

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WELCOME to YOUR WEEK: It's Love A Mensch Week ("mensch" is Yiddish for a decent, honorable, honest man). And besides Valentine's Day, it's Ferris Wheel Day, Library Lovers Day, League of Women Voters Day, and World Marriage Day. Tomorrow is National Gum Drop Day, Saturday is Chocolate Mint Day, and Sunday is Clam Chowder Day.


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