Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Potato Recipe

The history of Mr. Potato Head.

'Nuff said.


Every morning during our coffee break, we listened to the culinary challenges (and disasters) from one of our newlywed colleagues. We usually tried to share helpful hints and tips from our own recipes.

One day she actually broke down crying, explaining that sweet potatoes were her husband's favorite dish and she just couldn't get them right. "I've finally been able to make them sweet," she sobbed, "but how do you make them orange?"

[Joe's Clean Laffs via Ed Peacher's Laughter for a Saturday]


WORD for YOUR WEEK: Ahhh, potatoes. Originally grown in South America (mostly Peru), where they were called batatas, they came to Europe when the invading Spaniards brought them back to their mother country. There are over 150 different varieties of potato, and the tuber - which is the edible part of the plant - has become a worldwide staple. The first potato to come to Europe - in the mid-1500s - was the sweet potato, now often called a yam, which is a derivation of a Western African word - nyami - which means "to eat."


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