Friday, February 04, 2011


I like today. Noon today, to be exact. Well, to be *really* exact, noon plus one second.

Why? Because at that moment, there is officially less winter ahead of us than there is behind us. At least according to the calendar. February 4 is the midpoint between December 21 and March 21.

Bring on Spring!



Today I realize I have more in common with the little boy I baby sit than any of my friends. We both love Star Wars Lego sets, eat dinosaur nuggets religiously, wear a Snuggie on a regular basis, use the same plaque-fighting children's mouthwash, and enjoy periodic light saber battles. I am completely okay with this.

Today, my mom and I were in Target and while we were shopping, we got stuck behind an old lady who was walking really slowly in front of us. We ended up having to go around her, and as we did, my mom said, under her breath, "LOL." I asked her, and apparently she thinks LOL stands for "little old lady." That's a new one.

Today I noticed a small bug on my computer screen. Being too lazy to wave it away, I chased it with my cursor. To my surprise, it actually ran away from the little arrow. Can you guess what I did for the next ten minutes?

Today my English teacher was asking everyone what we were bringing to the party we're having next week. One cocky kid said, "I'll be bringing good looks." The teacher responded with, "Oh, you're bringing a friend?"

Today, I sent my boyfriend a text during chemistry. I put my phone back in my pocket after I sent the text. A few minutes later, a cell phone vibrated on my teacher's desk. He read it then looked at me and said, "Mike says that he'll see you at lunch." Confused, I shoved my hands in my pockets, but my phone wasn't there. Ninja teacher? I think so.

Today I found out that my parents taught me how to swim by dropping coins on the bottom of the pool and telling me it was treasure. Way to go, Mom and Dad.

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WEBSITE of the WEEK: We are well past the end of last year, but Christianity Today has just come out with their Top Ten Redeeming Films of 2010 at None of them are, in fact, what you would call typically "Christian" films, but all carry a positive message or storyline of redemption, and my guess is you've not seen them all, so add these to your Netflix queue.


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