Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Embarrassing Story

Being a diabetic, I normally have iced tea or water with my meals, occasionally a diet soda or a diet fruit juice. Now, however, new studies brought to light by Reader's Digest say that even that diet soda may be bad for you.

And, what's worse, now they are even saying that the caramel coloring used in cola causes cancer.

Water. Still God's Best Invention.


Tired of waiting for their overdue baby to arrive, my very pregnant daughter and her husband decided to take in a movie one night.

My daughter went inside to find seats while my son-in-law bought popcorn and drinks at the concession stand.

While paying for his tall glass of soda, my son-in-law accidentally knocked it over, spilling it everywhere. A couple of clerks hurried to mop it up and wipe down the counter, while another refilled the cup and my son-in-law headed off to his theater, thoroughly rattled.

Once inside, he was dramatically describing his embarrassing episode to my daughter, when one of his expressive hand gestures knocked the bucket of popcorn out of her hand, spilling it all over the floor. He hung his head, picked up the bucket, and sheepishly headed back to the lobby.

When he was gone, the woman sitting behind my daughter leaned forward and said, "You're not going to let him hold the baby, are you?"

[The Good Clean Funnies List via Randy Walker's Humor]


WORDS for YOUR WEEK: "Children of a culture born in a water-rich environment, we have never really learned how important water is to us. We understand it, but we do not respect it." (William Ashworth)


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