Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tired Soap

Just finished an episode of "NCIS" we had recorded on the DVR. Ah, that Jethro.

Here's a handy little site from TV Guide: a list of just the *new* episodes that are being aired each night.



The evil twin was fine. You were okay with the evil triplet. But when the evil quadruplet came to town, the well felt pretty dry.

After the adulterous marriage, the stalker, a false pregnancy, kidnapping, pet-napping, blackmail, and the cancer scare, the best the writers can come up with now is a nasty cavity and bad hair.

How many times can a villain have his head sewn back on and come back to life?

You can hear the cameraman mutter, on air, "Seriously?"

Number of sands in the hourglass down to single digits.

[selected from Chris White's Top Five on TV]


WORD for YOUR WEEK: If you're "cautiously optimistic," that means you are looking forward to good results, but yet you have doubts about it. The good people at Word Spy say that means you are being "skeptimistic." (A combination of skeptical and optimistic.)


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