Monday, December 06, 2010

Tree Shopping

As my daughter and I prepare for another week without Mom, the snow is falling outside and our thoughts are increasingly turning toward Christmas. Perhaps it's time to decorate the tree we put up after Thanksgiving.

Speaking of Christmas, enjoy this site, from England, all about Christmas, including the Christmas story told in contemporary measures, and something they call the "Natwivity" which is meant to be a clever blend of Nativity and Twitter.

I like this recent Tweet: "Shepherd: I have an Old English Sheepdog, which is odd, given I'm in Bethlehem. He's had a big commute."


After searching high and low for a Christmas tree, my husband Norm and I finally found one we liked.

That was when I spotted a woman nearby, holding up and inspecting the "perfect" tree. How could we have missed it? Even as we gathered up our tree and began making our way to the checkout stand, I kept an eye on the other woman, and watched as she carried it around the lot. Suddenly, she set it aside and started looking at other trees, clearly no longer interested in that one. I couldn't believe my eyes!

I ditched ours and quickly ran over to grab the coveted tree. As we made our way back to the checkout stand, I said to Norm, "That was a stroke of luck. I can't believe she didn't want this tree. It's perfect!"

"Not to her," Norm replied. "She just ran over and snatched up the one we had."

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WELCOME to YOUR WEEK: Hey, it's December! It's World Aids Month, we're in the midst of Cookie Cutter Week, and today is Saint Nicholas Day, celebrated by many cultures around the world. Tomorrow is, of course, Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, and Friday is Dewey Decimal System Day, and Nobel Prize Day.


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