Monday, December 13, 2010

Mystery Shopper

The "Winter Without Wife" continues this week, but the end is in sight. She has a plane ticket home for this Sunday. Yay! Whether or not she'll have to return to Florida after Christmas depends upon a few things that will hopefully be resolved this week.

Meanwhile, here's 27 gift ideas from Reader's Digest for Monday's daily link.


As a secret shopper for a large department store chain, my sister made purchases at their various outlets and then reported back her findings on how she was treated by the staff.

After a few weeks, I asked her if she was enjoying her job.

"I love it!" she replied. "I'm getting paid to do two of my favorite things ... buy stuff and criticize people!"

[Joe's Clean Laffs]


WELCOME to YOUR WEEK: It's National Tie Month, Wednesday is Bill of Rights Day, and I know some of you will enjoy the fact that Thursday is Chocolate-Covered Anything Day.


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