Friday, December 10, 2010

More Musical Terms Defined

Erg. Getting late. Better do just a joke today.



Allegro: Leg Fertilizer

Counterpoint: A favorite device of many Baroque composers, all of whom are dead, though no direct connection between these two facts has been established. Counterpoint is still taught in many schools, as a form of punishment.

Discord: Not to be confused with datcord.

Gregorian Chant: A way of singing in unison, invented by monks to hide snoring.

Trill: The musical equivalent of an epileptic seizure.

Virtuoso: A musician with very high morals.

[ahajokes with edits and additional material by Mark Raymond]


WEBSITE of the WEEK: I have a pretty good head for details. Which is one reason my greatest fear is Alzheimer's Disease. Well, list member Lavonne T. did much to allay that fear when she forwarded me a link to There are about half a dozen simple tests you can do and then your "brain age" is summarized. If the number is lower than your age, you're probably in good shape, though the site is quick to say its results are not necessarily to be taken seriously and only with good health and nutrition and etc., etc., etc. So, anyway, I supposedly have the brain of a person 22 years younger than myself. (I keep it in a jar next to my computer.)


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