Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Just a reminder to my readers that you do *not* have to be a Twitter subscriber to see what I'm posting there. Just check out my Twitter Feed periodically. You can also catch my latest "tweets" from the home page of my website.

Twitter - which I once thought was a pretty useless addition to the whole social network scene - turns out to be pretty cool, after all, and more immediate than just about anything else out there. In fact, news bits go out on Twitter from respected sources such as network news, CNN, MSNBC, etc., even before Google is able to index them.

During a recent excursion to Comerica Park (where the Tigers play), my son and I kept up-to-date on the weather conditions - a rainout was entirely possible the day we visited - by sending the Tiger Tweets to my cell phone.

Tiger Tweets. Heh. Sounds funny to say that.

Anyway, speaking of the Tigers, check out this photo that I just viewed on the "TweetDeck." It's the ball cap that every major league team will be wearing on Memorial Day this year.

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