Friday, May 28, 2010

Rusty Skills

Those of you who read my musings at work probably won't see this until Tuesday, victim of my schedule forcing me into late evening writing - if I've been able to write at all - this week. Which means you'll be on the wrong side of our long weekend that kicks off summer here in the U.S. You have my pity.

If this is when you break out your grill for the next four months - or even if you never put it away - Reader's Digest has 30+ summer recipes to try out.



You know one of these is a strainer, and one is a flyswatter. If only you could remember which is which.

Your kids say they're eating at a friend's house ... for the next month.

Your husband just gobbled down your preschooler's macaroni picture and liked it better than the supper you made.

You call a spatula "that flat flippy-turner paddle."

You have to clean the spider webs out of your oven before using it.

You just Googled instructions on how to cook a Pop Tart.

Every night at 6:15, the local pizza place calls *you.*

[Chris White's Top Five on Food w/edits and additional material by Mark Raymond]


WEBSITE of the WEEK: Whenever my wife and I are watching a show lately, it seems there's always one actor who pops up and one of us will say, "Oh, where have we seen him/her before?" We'll usually come up with the answer but when we can't, we turn to I've featured this website before (June 23, 2006), but since then they've added more and more features and it's worth a revisit. Pretty much any and every actor who's made a movie or appeared on television will be listed here, along with everything they've ever been in.


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