Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Closing Announcement

Pittsburgh's television station KDKA, Channel 2 (a CBS affiliate), recently ran a story about "how to get free stuff online."

It's a fair review of the largest and most reliable sites out there for receiving free samples and other items.

Sounds like just the kind of thing my readers might enjoy.


In the upscale department store where I work, one of our customer service representatives make an announcement as closing time approaches, reminding everyone shopping that they have only a few minutes to finish browsing and buying.

One evening, one of our new representatives - who had recently worked for K-Mart - opened this evening announcement by saying, "Attention K-Mart shoppers...."

Quickly realizing her mistake, she tap-danced her way out of trouble by adding, with only the briefest of pauses, " are in the wrong store."

[Andychaps The_Funnies via Wit and Wisdom]


WORD for YOUR WEEK: My wife wanted to know about this one. Samuel Jones was a lawyer in New York City. He was often called the Father of the New York Bar. He owned quite a bit of land but bequeathed it to the city when he passed with the small caveat that if a street should ever be built upon the land, it be named after him. Well, when the street was built, there was already another named Jones (in Greenwich Village), so New York decided to call the street Great Jones Street, due to the fact it was wider than the average city street. Mr. Jones' legacy, however, was besmirched when heroin junkies began living and hanging out in Great Jones Alley, built off Great Jones Street. And when they were craving a heroin fix, they said they were "jonesing" for one. Now the term has come to mean a craving or strong desire for any substance ... such as my yearning for a Tim Horton's cup of coffee recently, which began her questioning.


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