Sunday, May 09, 2010

Sabbatical's End

First of all, Happy Mother's Day!

Secondly, just a brief word about my sabbatical before the regular posts resume tomorrow.

It was, frankly, not very sabbatical-like, as I had to continue working and performing my union responsibilities, which included one state-wide convention, one labor press conference, and the publishing of our monthly newsmagazine. That took up the entire month of April. Then I began addressing some long overdue medical issues, which involved (and still involve) going to see physical therapists of one stripe or another five days a week.

However, it was a JOY to deal with these things without also having to juggle three other type of deadlines or commitments at the same time. The relief of being single-minded about something was palpable, and absolutely marvelous.

And, of course, I spent a great deal of time thinking and praying about what changes I need to make in my life to make sure I don't reach this point again for a long, long time. Toward that end, one decision I've made is that I'm not going to put insane amounts of pressure on myself to write a daily post for you. I'll do my best (which is pretty good, if I do say so myself), but if too much life comes between thee and me, I'll just post a little something here at the blog, and let the e-mail chips fall where they may.

So if you don't see Mark's Musings in your Inbox, it might be a good idea to bookmark this site as a favorite and see what's been updated.

To offset that occasional lapse in my regular offerings, I've taken the time to cook up a few revisions and additions to your Musings experience.

But more on that tomorrow, when I'm "officially" back, as I said I'd keep this short.

I can't thank you enough for the overwhelming support you gave me when I announced my sabbatical. It brought tears to my eyes every time I tried to tell someone about it.

You folks are awesome, and I truly believe I must be the most blessed of all God's children.

See you tomorrow.



SusanB said...

WELCOME BACK!!!!!!! < =') (don't worry, they're happy tears). :)

Mark said...

Thanks, SusanB! Glad to be back and still feeling no pressure. That's a good thing.