Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Borrowed Bottle

Well, between another big car repair, union politics gone explosive, and some pressing family issues, I had to give yesterday a miss. But I'm back today and hopefully the rest of the week!

Mental Floss magazine says you can spend between five minutes and, umm, the rest of the month checking out The Food Timeline ... a website that gives not only the history of food, but links to some yummy recipes using that very same food.

You may not agree with their timeline estimations, depending on how old you think the Earth may be, and I certainly don't agree with the estimate on how long you could spend browsing that site. i think you could take the rest of the *year.*


Dianne had forgotten to buy the bottle of wine she had promised to bring to the dinner party. She called a neighbor to see if she could have one of his, with a promise to replace it later. He wasn't home, but Dianne had his house keys - for they often watched each other's homes - so she let herself in and chose an attractive bottle from his wine rack.

The host and guests at the party praised Dianne's choice of wine, and she managed to carefully remove the label from the bottle before she left the party so she could get the same kind for the replacement.

The local liquor store didn't carry that brand, but referred Dianne to another, more exclusive store, and they were delighted to sell her the replacement bottle ... for $98!

Dianne's neighbor returned home Sunday evening and Dianne took him the replacement bottle, thanking the man and praising his fine taste in wine. He proudly told her that he had bottled the vintage himself, from a homemade recipe ... he had found the wine bottle in a recycle bin and was attracted to its pretty label!

[ChapNotes via Doc's Daily Chuckle]


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