Friday, May 14, 2010

Little League

Shortly after the movie "Field of Dreams" came out, I read an interview with its star, Kevin Costner, and in it he said he had wanted to make a movie where, when the lights come up and the credits roll, it's the *guy* who reaches over, touches his girl's arm, and says, "Gimme a minute."

For me, anyway, he succeeded. I needed a minute. It is one of a very small handful of movies that has moved me to tears.

This makes me melancholy, as well.



You thought *last* year was awful with your Dad as Coach. This year? It's the vice-principal from your school.

In accordance with the league's new "mercy" rule, the umpire calls the game as soon as your team shows up.

The Coach tells Billy he's batting cleanup, then hands him a mop.

The ball caps provided by the team sponsor have a large "L" embroidered on the front, but your sponsor's business name is "Wally's Wash World."

Your manager? Charlie Brown.

Your best pitcher's fastball is clocked with a snail.

[selected w/some minor edits from Chris White's Top Five on Kids]


WEBSITE of the WEEK: Patricia Hysell retired from Nursing, returned to school to learn about computers, and began writing. Now she writes a very nice blog chock full of historical trivia and insights called "Little Bits of History" at She found me through my Facebook page and I'm happy to feature her work here. Enjoy!


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