Monday, August 09, 2010

Tough Inspection

The U.S. penny is being redesigned. Again.


Officer Candidate School at Fort Sill, in Oklahoma, was really tough.

One day during an inspection, a fellow soldier received 30 demerits for a single penny found loose in his area.

10 demerits were given for "not securing valuables."

10 demerits were given because the penny wasn't shined.

10 demerits were given because Abraham Lincoln needed a shave.

[Jack Howell in "America in Uniform" via Ed Peacher's Laughter for a Saturday]


WELCOME to YOUR WEEK: Well, in August we find the "dog days" of summer, so I guess it's only appropriate that this week is Assistance Dog Week. It's National Resurrect Romance Week (gosh, I didn't know it had passed away). And just to get you all shook up, it's National Elvis Week.


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