Monday, August 30, 2010


Leftovers, as a food group, generally pale in comparison to the original, but let's face it, there are some foods that taste better the second day.

Pick up some tips on improving that leftover taste.


By profession

Television Producer: Reruns

Quality Control Engineer: Rejects

Mortician: Remains

Football Linemen: Seconds (There Are No Leftovers. Have you seen those guys?)

Iron Worker: Scraps

Musician: Encores

Circuit Court Judge: Double Indemnities

Librarian: Returns

Politician: Rebuttals

Software Engineer: Features

[first three from an old Mikey's Funnies joke; rest written by Mark Raymond]


WELCOME to YOUR WEEK: Well, August is winding down. Today, however, is National Toasted Marshmallow Day, if you're looking for a snack. Apparently tomorrow is Love Litigating Lawyers Day. Guess they got tired of being the bash-end of all the jokes and decided they needed some love.


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podraigh said...

Unemployed person: lunch !

Mark said...

Hah! Good one! Actually, I'm employed and I call leftovers "lunch" quite often. It's a good name!