Monday, August 23, 2010

No Joke Monday

Well, what a couple of days it has been.

Sunday was a whirlwind of sightseeing, driving, packing, re-packing, more driving, and then some unpacking and hobnobbing with some of the 2,000+ delegates here in Detroit.

Oh, I'm at the 20th Biennial Convention of the American Postal Workers Union, held at Cobo Hall (where the Pistons used to play) here in Detroit.

Today I got a late start, what with ironing my shirts and all (yes, I am capable of the occasional domestic chore), a long, full day of convention activity, and then - because Comerica Park is only five blocks away - a long evening of a quite successful Tigers victory. Yay, team!

So now it's very late, I've had two full days of non-stopness, and I'm just to pooped to ponder. So no Musings today, team. I am sorry, and I'll try to get something out to you Tuesday evening.

If I don't go see the Tigers play again.

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