Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Friendly Greeting?

I take a shower nearly every day. But thanks to this slightly dated link, I have yet one more reason to be thankful I'm healthy.

And here's what you can do about it. I try to be helpful.


In search of a new shower for our home, my wife and I went to a bathroom supply store. It was near closing, so all we had time to do was discuss our needs with the young woman helping us. We made plans to come back the next day and make a final decision.

Later that evening, we went out to a local restaurant, only to run into the same young lady who was helping us at the store. She was working as a waitress.

From across the restaurant, she spotted us and shouted a greeting that made nearly every head in the place turn, and my wife act like she didn't want to know me.

"Hey!" she exclaimed, "you're the man who needs a shower!"

[Net 153's Smile A Day]


WORD for YOUR WEEK: The Latin word for a dish, or a pan, was patina, which also came to eventually describe the encrusted sheen frequent use gave to it. Now it pretty much refers to any look that gives an object a unique - and usually aged - quality. It can, however, also be used to describe a thin coating of anything. As in, "the shower head was so old there was a thin patina of rust on it."


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