Monday, June 07, 2010

Express Lane

Off this morning to the funeral of the last grandmother on my side of the family. Donna Hillman was 97 years old when she passed. She was my Grandpa's second wife - Grandpa Hillman passed nearly 20 years ago - and they married later in life, after I was well out on my own and recently married myself, so I never got to know her as well as I should have, but my folks remained close and kept me updated on her life as they could. Donna was kind, and wise, and we shared an employer, as she also worked for the U.S. Postal Service for 30 years. That's her picture at the upper right.

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It was early Saturday afternoon and my friend Ray had rushed down to our local supermarket to snap up some hamburger rolls, chips, and a few condiments before another big afternoon of college football games. He was having a few friends over and he'd gotten a late start on his preparations, so he was in a big hurry.

Of course, the market was loaded with shoppers but as he approached the checkout area, he saw that one express lane was open. He made a quick count and realized he was under the limit posted and dashed toward the open lane, but just before he reached it an older woman with a cart piled high with groceries slipped in ahead of him.

Frustrated and chafing at not only the delay, but this infraction of the market's rules, Ray couldn't believe that the cashier smiled at the woman and waved her to push the overloaded cart forward.

He couldn't hold back a chuckle, however, when the cashier carefully looked over the items in the cart and kindly said, "So, ma'am, which ten items here would you like to buy?"

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WELCOME to YOUR WEEK: It's National Sun Safety Week, and it's National Automotive Service Professionals Week, so get your favorite mechanic a bouquet of wrenches. Thursday is Ball Point Pen Day, Friday is Corn on the Cob Day, and today is Daniel Boone Day. Feel free to pull that coonskin cap out of the closet.


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