Friday, June 11, 2010

Daughters, Dads, and Don'ts

A spot of trouble with the teenager today. Nothing we can't get past. Just another speed bump on this road called "adolescence."



"Let me explain what 'deductible' means on our car insurance."

"Your mom's almost ready. When do we leave for our double date?"

"Seems to me last year's prom dress still has some life in it."

"I signed us up for the karaoke duets contest this weekend."

"We ate possum toes like popcorn when I was a kid."

"Isn't it about time you bought some new bras?"

"I am so proud you've decided to keep the family unibrow."

"You don't need to go shopping tonight. I picked out your new purse on the way home."

"Hey, I ran into Bobby at the grocery store. I told him you were really hoping he'd ask you to the dance."

"By the way, I had to borrow your deodorant yesterday."

[Mikey's Funnies; some edits and additional material by Mark Raymond]


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