Monday, February 16, 2009

Musical Lawyers

Hey, folks, the circumstances here may finally be right for my wife and I to give up the waterbed we've had for 25 years. There's a local place having a big sale on Serta's "Sleep Number" bed. But before we commit to a purchase, my wife wants to hear from some others who are using it or used to use it. So if you've had or have got one of those Sleep Number beds, let us know your thoughts.


My friends, these are sad times and the economic downturn has claimed another victim. You might say it was "The Day the Music Died." Elevator Music, that is.

Muzak filed for bankruptcy on February 10.



"For those parties of the first part about to rock, the party of the second part (hereafter "we") salute you!"

Plays for an hour, bills you for three.

"Farewell Tour" ads have fine print at the bottom: "Use of the term 'farewell' does not constitute a binding agreement, should artist's financial circumstances render retirement impracticable."

Halfway through the fourth song, he has to have the stenographer read the lyrics back to him.

He used to sing in a "Limited liability partnership of musically-inclined adolescent males."

"ARE YOU READY TO ROCK??!!" (If so, sign here. And here. And here. Initial here. Sign here.)

[selected from and with thanks to Chris White's Top Five on Music]


WORD for YOUR WEEK: Ancient Greek this week gives us the word, "myrioi" (mere-ee-oy) which meant "ten thousand" that was, in turn, deemed to be "countless." We know it as the word, "myriad" which means a great number (countless) or, in fact, ten thousand. The latter sense is nearly obsolete in English now. Example: "The scientist's machine counted a myriad of particles bombarding the liquid solution."


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