Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Male Makeup

Couples are often attracted to each other in the beginning by simply making an effort to look good. It's the simple chemistry of hormones+pheromones+good looks = romance.

Fortunately for me, my wife didn't let that stop her and dated me anyway. I'm the kind of guy who's really handsome ... after you get to know me (and my inner stud muffinness can shine through).

More and more in today's society I've noticed that the standard for male attractiveness seems to be kind of "the great unwashed" look ... the beginning of a beard, shirt tails hanging out, and a head of hair that looks like it spent a restless night tossed on a sea of pillows.

Well, believe it or not, now there's a product that can actually help your hair *acquire* that look. It's called "The Uncomb." To buy one, you click the "Buy" link and then navigate to your state. A list of stores that carry Fred's products will come up.


If men wore makeup, of course

Acne Commando Zit-O-Flage

Blemish Buster 6000 Mark IV Turbo


Go Ahead, Make My Face

Max Tractor

Rev On

Oil Change of Olay

Cover Guy

[Chris White's Top Five on Health and Beauty; additional material by Mark Raymond]


WONDER for YOUR WEEK: Is it possible that blondes also prefer gentlemen?


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