Monday, January 05, 2009


My son has a big job interview at 1:00 est today. If you think of it, have a good thought for him this afternoon.

Now, he's pretty motivated and works hard but not, I think, perhaps quite as hard as this guy.



1. Split dead limbs into fragments. Shave one fragment into slivers.

2. Bandage left thumb.

3. Take small hatchet and chop rest of fragments into smaller fragments.

4. Bandage left foot.

5. Build tiny tepee on top of fragments from slivers (include ones embedded in left hand).

6. Light match.

7. Light match.

8. Repeat "A Scout is cheerful" and light match.

9. Apply match to slivers. Add smaller fragments while gently blowing across base of fire.

10. Apply burn ointment to nose.

11. While fire is burning, collect more wood.

12. After discovering fire has nearly gone out while you were away, give up natural method and douse wood from can labeled "kerosene."

13. Treat face and arms for second-degree burns.

14. Re-label can, "Gasoline."

15. Once fire is well underway, add remaining wood.

16. Once thunderstorm has passed, repeat from Step One.

[Net 153s Smile A Day]


WORD for YOUR WEEK: While we're kind of on a work theme today, let's look at an opposite of work in the word, "lollygag." Currently we use it to mean spending time idly, aimlessly, or even foolishly. At one time it was spelled "lallygag" and the first part of the word used to refer to your tongue. In the mid-1800s, the word carried a sexual connotation, referring to licentious people with their tongues hanging out, pandering after pleasures of the flesh, and doing naught else. We've long since lost that meaning in this country, though the "doing naught else" - or "doing nothing" - part still applies to the definition.


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Rickie, Domestic Goddess said...

This one is great. I laughed out loud.