Monday, June 09, 2008

Jet Fuel

So my wife and I are celebrating our 25th anniversary later this summer, and to celebrate I've booked a special vacation for us to a surprise destination. I celebrate today as I made the last payment on the trip this past week. Woo hoo!

For any of you planning on taking a trip this summer, you may want to check this entry from the "Dumb Little Man" blog.

It's a list of "Seven Websites You MUST Check Before You Go On A Vacation."


Bud and Jim were a couple of airline mechanics in Atlanta who enjoyed the occasional adult beverage together. One day the airport was fogged in and they found themselves stuck in a hangar with nothing to do. Bored, Bud says, "I wish there was something to drink around here."

Jim says, "Y'know, I heard that jet fuel has quite a kick. You want to try it?"

At this point Bud is so bored he'll try anything. So they pour a couple of glasses of high octane jet fuel and knock 'em back. Before you know it, the pair are completely intoxicated.

The next morning Jim wakes up and is surprised to find that he feels great! No hangover! No awful side effects. Just then his phone rings and it's Bud on the line.

Bud: How ya feelin', Jim?

Jim: Great! You?

Bud: I feel great, too! No hangover or anything!

Jim: I know!

Bud: Listen, Jim, you haven't, umm, passed gas yet, have you?

Jim: Nope.

Bud: Well, try not to. I did, and now I'm in Phoenix!



WORD for YOUR WEEK: Here's a fun one. The Word Spy has coined a new word for people who run around all the time: "hectivity." It's a mashup of "hectic" and "activity." Last week for me, as I think I've mentioned, was full of hectivity.


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