Monday, October 25, 2010


Family issues kept me from e-mailing my Friday post, but you can catch it here. It was my nine hundredth post! NINE HUNDRED!! While you're here, you might enjoy watching a very smart and talented Jack Russell terrier named Jesse. Just down below.

Meanwhile, today is World Pasta Day. Check out your local Fazoli's Restaurant; many of them are having special deals that concern free spaghetti with a nominal purchase.


My friend, Bob, was trying to teach his daughter, Jenny, how to pray "grace" before meals. After a few weeks of coaching, Bob decided Jenny was ready to pray solo the next time company came over for an evening of food and fellowship.

Jenny started out fine, thanking God for her Mommy and Daddy and Sister and Brother and the guests and the rolls and the salad. She ended with a big, "Thank you God, for the spaghetti!" and then she lifted her head.

Bob had taught her the traditional ending to this prayer, however, which was, " Jesus' name, Amen." So Bob had to prompt her. He said, "In..."

At first Jenny was confused, then her face lit up, she bowed her head, and added, "In tomato sauce. Amen."

[Barbara J. Doll in "Kids of the Kingdom" in Christian Reader via Church Laughs Newsletter]


WELCOME to YOUR WEEK: There's one week left in Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Employee Ownership Month, and National Chili Month (October, when the weather starts to get chilly. Coincidence?). It's Pastoral Care Week (be kind to your minister), and International Magic Week. Finally, Wednesday is Navy Day, Thursday is National Chocolate Day, and Saturday is National Forgiveness Day.


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