Thursday, October 28, 2010

College Chat

We went to a "Regional College Night" at one of our local community colleges this evening. There were probably 30 colleges represented, and another dozen specialized departments of higher educational institutions. Amanda is a Junior in High School and wanted to start thinking about her future.

She's not sure what she wants to do with her life just yet, and if you have a young person in that situation as well, you can do what we did, and encourage her or him to investigate City Year. Gives them another year to think about things while at the same time helping out a community.


A mother and father were chatting with their young son over dinner one evening about the future. He said he'd like to go to college - preferably Cornell, as his parents had done - when he finished with high school.

Pleased with that response, they pressed on and asked the boy what he would like to take when he attended Cornell?

The young man looked around the kitchen while he gave the question some thought. Finally he said, "The refrigerator, if you can get along without it."

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