Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Thanks

Well, I am back to work today. Still not quite 100% and that dang flu cost me about 10 pounds in three days. Certainly nothing I can't afford to lose (hey, jump start on that diet!) but the reality is that probably most of it was water weight loss from all the up and chucking.

But enough about me. It's back to business as usual here in the corporate HQ of the Musings.

List member Susan B. sends along a very cool link and a nice Christmas gift for someone who is probably sorely in need of it. Cleaning for a Reason offers four free cleanings - one each month for four months - to women going through cancer treatment and chemotherapy. They have over 600 partner cleaning companies all across the U.S. and Canada. And they only contract with professional cleaning services that are insured and bonded, so you can feel good about using them.

Because life is hard enough when you have cancer, isn't it?


Lord, this year for Christmas I am thankful that...

...the grass doesn't grow through the snow, making winter mowing necessary, as well.

...that there are only 24 hours every day available for television programming.

...that there aren't twice as many Congressional Representatives and half as many doctors.

...that teenagers will ultimately have children who will grow up to be teenagers.

...that the space available for messages on tee shirts and bumper stickers is limited.

...that snow covers a multitude of gardening sins.

...that hugs and kisses don't make you fat or cause cancer.

...that DVD players, and radios, and TVs, and iPods, and cell phones all have an "off" button.

...that the sun and moon and stars do not.

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WORD for YOUR WEEK: Here's one that tickled my fancy, coined by The Word Spy. When the news media trumps up a nonexistent or trivial - even false - story, that's now being called a "nontroversy." As in, "no controversy." I love it!


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