Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Groaners

So how's the Christmas shopping going? Only 11 more days, y'know.

Well, so far what we've gotten here is what I call "sneaky snow." It will snow enough to cover the roads and your driveway, but not enough to make you feel like shoveling. So you let it sit there. Then you drive over it for a few days, mashing it down nice and solid. Then it snows a little more. Again, not enough to need shoveling. So you drive over it a few more days. Then a little more snow and a little more mashing it down with your car.

Then, one day, BAM! A mess o'snow. Now you've *got* to shovel only it's nearly impossible because there's a bedrock of hard snow and ice at the bottom!! Chews your shovels up and makes walking on your own driveway treacherous.

See? Sneaky.



Darth Vader knew what Luke was getting for Christmas. He felt his presence.

Would a fear of Kris Kringle be Claus-trophobia?

At Christmas, we always have a gift exchange at my house. She exchanges what I give her, and I usually have to exchange what she gets me.

Finally, in postal news, the U.S. Postal Service announced it will handle nearly 27 billion pieces of mail this holiday season. In preparation for the onslaught, it was announced they will be taking appropriate steps. They plan to open a second window at the counter.



WORD for YOUR WEEK: Occasionally, when I have a project to finish, I will drink *copious* amounts of coffee. This word owes its origin to the word opus, which is a large work (often musical in nature). In the form of copia, it means an abundance of, or profusion, or plenty (remember that a "cornucopia" is also called a "horn of plenty"). So copious simply means a large amount of something.


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