Wednesday, September 09, 2009


PRAYER DEP'T: Long-time readers may remember that just over three years ago my parents were in a terrible automobile collision, where they broadsided another vehicle who pulled out directly in front of them. There were no fatalities, but my parents are still recovering and rehabilitating from the effects of that accident ... and they will be in court both today and again tomorrow, trying to force the insurance company of the other vehicle to act justly and compensate them for their medical bills and loss of mobility; as well as the emotional distress they've undergone. I will be with them today. Please pray for a good outcome.


Meanwhile, if you'd like to try finding your own hidden treasure, check out this latest Mental Floss blog post, and then grab a shovel or start going through crazy old Aunt Ruth's stuff you've kept in the attic all these years.


Showing a friend around his home, Joe started pointing out all the collectible items he and his wife had accumulated over the years ... mostly his wife, truth be told.

"How much are they all worth?" his friend asked.

"I'm not sure," Joe replied, "but the day before I die I'd like to sell every one and find out."

"But you can't possibly know when you're going to die, so that won't ever happen, will it?"

"Let me put it this way," Joe says, "if I sold any of these, my wife would kill me!"

[Pastor Tim's Cybersalt Digest]


WONDER for YOUR WEEK: Is the reason we call it "cold cash" because it's never in my pocket long enough to get warm?


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