Friday, June 05, 2009

Witte Words

The Washington Post - each week in their "Style" section - has some sort of contest. Generally about wordplay. Today I'm excerpting their readers' creations of words that have a W, I, two Ts, and an E in them (those were the rules of the contest). Several made me smile and a few made me laugh right out loud. Hopefully they'll have the same effect on you.



Whactivate - a method for getting your old TV to work.

Retrowitted - thought of a comeback too late for the argument.

Twitterboarded - drowned in Tweets.

Tightwed - a marriage in the Costco parking lot where the "buffet" is the free samples inside.

Tithewad - someone who skimps when the collection plate is passed.

Mittwife - a person equipped to catch a baby as it emerges from the womb.

Stwiptease - a dance performed by Gypsy Rose Fudd.

Notwinter - used only in Minnesota to describe July and occasionally August.

Wetti - the Abominable Rainman.

Acqwitted - found innocent of any sense of humor.

Theirwithal - a pile of other people's money (see: bailout).

[selected from the Washington Post Weekly Style Invitational]


Work and a wedding tomorrow, followed by a family reunion on Sunday. Busy weekend! Probably no blog posts. (Plus the wife and I will be at a hotel out of town and I'm leaving the laptop at home.)

I'll see you on Monday.



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