Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sand Art

When he was younger, my father briefly studied art. I have a charcoal painting he drew hanging on our living room wall. It's gorgeous. Though he was unable to complete his studies, that artistic disposition has since informed much of his life.

He's always been good at drawing, and since then he's created art from old horseshoe nails, old telephone wire, old rocks ... you name it, he can make something beautiful out of it.

Which is probably why this YouTube clip of Ilana Yahav - a woman who's talent is only rivaled by the dearth of information on the Web about her background - moved me so much. Because it reminded me of my Dad.

Using only a lighted glass table, a modicum of sand (which is just a different kind of glass medium, I suppose), and her fingers ... she creates "sand animations" that must be seen to be believed.

So I will show them to you ... all courtesy of list member Diane S.

By the way, you can find her website with several other videos of her work here.

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