Monday, June 29, 2009


A while back my wife brought home a goofy-looking device she'd picked up from Avon. When I asked about it, she explained that you stick your toothbrush in it after you'd finished brushing and an ultraviolet light would kill the germs left on your brush.

I said, "riiiiight."

Then she showed me this.

Okay, Wikipedia is definitely not the be-all and end-all of a knowledge base, but after checking out several other sources ... well, she was correct once again.

Which got me to thinking I might want to buy this because Lord knows I don't actually clean my computer keyboard very often. You?


Why did the germ cross the microscope?
To get to the other slide!


My husband was at home for several days with a bad case of influenza recently. I carefully made sure to sterilize all of his dishes and utensils after what little bit he was able to eat.

One evening our four-year old daughter asked, "Why do you do that, Mommy?"

"Because, dear," I replied, "Daddy has a lot of bad germs right now and they get on the dishes he uses. I boil the dishes and that kills all of the germs so we can use the dishes later ourselves and not get sick."

Our daughter looked thoughtful for a moment, then she said, "Why not just boil Daddy and get rid of all his germs at once?"



WORD for YOUR WEEK: Well, I hear the United Nations has declared that swine flu is now a pandemic. So where did this word come from? It is from our Greek friends and was originally "pandemos." That is a compound word made up of "pan," which means "all" and "demos," which means "people." So a pandemic is something that affects all the people.


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