Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bad Habits

You may remember that back in January I promised to lose 30 pounds by Christmas. So as the calendar nears the midway point of 2009, how am I doing? Drum roll, please....

I've gained one pound.

Now, I could point fingers at my circumstances and make all kind of excuses about my schedule and how the new job has completely thrown off my circadian rhythms ... but the bottom line is I just haven't gotten it done.

It's time to call in professional help.

And I know just the person. Stay tuned.


Waiting for our aerobics class to begin, several of us ladies were standing around having a chat about fitness and diets.

One woman said that her brother-in-law had quit smoking but had also gone on a diet so he wouldn't gain weight. Not only did he not gain weight, he lost a lot of weight in the process.

Thinking to myself that no human being could possibly do this without acquiring at least one other undesirable habit to compensate for the stress, I jokingly asked her, "So what did he start doing instead of smoking or eating?"

After a slight pause, the other woman smiled and said, "Well, my sister is pregnant now."

[Joe's Clean Laffs]


WONDER for YOUR WEEK: Can I say I'm on a low fat diet if every day my fat hangs a little lower?


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