Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Kiddie X-Ray

Hey, this could be important.

Most every woman has either endured the pain and anxiety and occasional terror of breast cancer ... or knows a woman who has. Often a breast cancer survivor takes the drug Tamoxifen to ward off a recurrence of the cancer. However, when she reaches menopause she can't take regular hormone therapy because it increases her risk of cancer. So what does her doctor do?

He prescribes an antidepressant. Not only do drugs like Paxil, Zoloft, or Prozac help combat emotional issues, they have a beneficial side effect of easing the body through menopause.

Only a study released just this past week shows that those antidepressants *also* counteract the effect of Tamoxifen and your breast cancer is twice as likely to return as it is if you didn't take anything.

I think you should read up on this.


A young girl of four had to have an x-ray taken at the medical office where I worked. She had been in an accident with her bicycle and the doctor was afraid she may have broken her wrist.

The girl, however, was very concerned about the procedure and no matter how her mother tried to calm her, she kept putting up quite the fuss as we led her into the x-ray facility.

When she came out a few minutes later, however, she was calm and all smiles. "They just took a picture of my bones," she explained to her mother.

"Yes, dear," her mom replied. "I told you it was easy. Did everything go well?"

"Yup. It was great!" the child exclaimed. "I didn't even have to take my skin off or anything!"

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