Monday, July 07, 2008

Your Monday Groaners

My wife's a very visual person. Doesn't do so well with abstracts, but if she can see it, ahh, she's golden.

So she'll probably enjoy Viewzi, a new search engine that gives you some very visual results instead of all that text.



The guy who invented Venetian blinds is a hero. If it wasn't for him, it'd be curtains for all of us!

Mother: "Eat your spinach. It's good for growing kids."
Child: "Who wants to grow kids?"

Fred was explaining to his friend how his uncle tried to make a new car for himself: " he took the wheels from a Cadillac, a radiator from a Ford, some fenders from a Plymouth..." His friend interrupts at this point, "Holy Smokes, what did he end up with?" Fred replies, "About four years with time off for good behavior...."

An Englishman was visiting a restaurant in New York when the waitress brought him the soup du jour. Distressed at its appearance, the Englishman says, "Good heavens! What is this?" The waitress answers, "It's bean soup." "Oh, I don't care what it's been," replies the Englishman, "What is it now?"

If life was fair, linguistics would be the study of linguini.

Is a lamb stew much ado about mutton?



WORD for YOUR WEEK: So where does the word "trampoline" come from? It originally was used in Italy as the word "trampolino," which came from the word "trampoli," which meant "stilts." It refers to any type of performance that is higher than the people around you. (The word "trampoli," by the way, came from the German word for stomping or trampling on something.)


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