Thursday, July 10, 2008

Man and Weddings

I have some good friends who have raised three daughters and one son. The girls have all grown into beautiful women and now my friends find themselves on the double-barreled end of a financial shotgun with two of the girls getting married within the next 365 days.

But at least neither of them want to get married while orbiting the earth.

A Japanese firm is teaming up with Rocketplane Global, a U.S. private space flight firm to offer suborbital weddings for just about 240 million yen.

That's 2.3 million dollars.

So, Tim and Karen, count your blessings.



Blue jeans would be perfectly acceptable wedding attire.

Tuxedoes would have team logos emblazoned on the back.

All weddings would be scheduled around sports playoffs.

Wedding invitations would probably mention something about a "ball and chain."

Only feeble old men and children would be allowed to dance with the bride.

Big, slobbery dogs would be eligible for the role of Best Man. Especially if they could fetch.

The phrase, "Tailgate Reception" would be commonplace.

Weddings would have an admission price for all the guests to cover ceremony expenses.

The wedding ceremony would last no longer than half-time.

"You may now fist bump the bride."

[From with edits and additional material by Mark Raymond]


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