Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tough Kids

I live in jeans.

Well, okay, I live in a house, but I usually wear jeans. It takes a special church service or a wedding to get me in something that doesn't contain denim. If then.

If you wear blue jeans quite a bit, and you want to keep them looking fresh and new, try a few of these techniques.



Three kids were bragging about how tough they were.

The first kid says, "I'm so tough, I can wear out a pair of shoes in a week."

"I'm so tough," chimes in the second kid, "I can wear out a pair of jeans in a day."

"That's nothing," brags the third boy. "I'm so tough I can wear out *both* my Grandma and Grandpa in about an hour."

[Pastor Tim's CleanLaugh]


WORD for YOUR WEEK: Let's do a word for Spring: precipitation. It arrives via Middle French and before that, our buddy Latin, where it was originally "praecipitationem." That word was modeled after "praecipitare," which meant a hard fall, as from a height and *that* word was built on "praeceps," which meant steep (think "precipice"). Precipitation actually has about five meanings, but the one most commonly used refers to any type of water falling from the sky (which is the "as from a height" part).


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