Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More Useless Inventions

Well, Mom made it through Easter, but her health continues to fail, slowly. Keep her and Dad in your kind thoughts and good prayers, as I know you will.

And then, just as Bonnie's aunt gets the surgery set up for her breast cancer, her husband (Bonnie's uncle-in-law) suffers a stroke!

So my dear wife is off again, looking after family, bless her heart. Should only be a few days this time ... but, you know, that's what we said last November and it turned into five weeks!

So, yeah ... just the joke today. Again.



Inflatable dartboard

Waterproof Towel

Powdered Water

Pedal-Powered Wheelchair

See-Through Toilet Paper

Connect-the-Dots Roadmap

[selected from Net 153's Sunday Funnies]


WORDS for YOUR WEEK: "Everyone is ignorant on different subjects." (Will Rogers, with thanks to Molly Rhea's Quotes of the Day)


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