Monday, March 07, 2011

More Unique Book Titles

You've heard of the "Great American Novel," yes?

Here are fifty of them.



"How to Make a Robot" by Anne Droyd

"Where Can I Find a Cure?" by Anita Remedy

"Cry Wolf!" by Al Armist

"Beekeeping" by A.P. Arry

"Parachuting" by Hugo First

"Armed Heists" by Robin Banks

"Off to Market" by Tobias A. Pigg

"Germ Warfare" by Mike Rohbes

"I Was a Cloakroom Attendant" by Mahatma Cloake

[selected from]


WELCOME to YOUR WEEK: Speaking of American, it's American Red Cross Month. It's National Color Therapy Month. It's National Frozen Food Month. It's Celebrate Your Name Week. Tomorrow is Mardi Gras, followed by Ash Wednesday, and then there's Parent-Teacher Conferences on Thursday, a band meeting, and -- oh, wait, that's *my* schedule, not yours.


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