Monday, May 11, 2009

Agency Slogans

I know it's hard to believe, but "The Simpsons" recently became the longest-running sitcom on prime time television, and certainly the longest running animated show. The series - began as a short "filler" cartoon on the old Tracey Ullman Show - is now in its 20th year of broadcast fame.

That qualifies them as fodder for the U.S. Postal Service to put on a stamp.

Plus, you can vote for your favorite character. USPS is trying to make a connection to the younger generation to get them started in on a love for stamp collecting, also known as philately.



The National Institute on Aging
"Celebrating Our 39th Year!"

The Department of the Interior
"Oddly, All Our Stuff Is Outdoors!"

The Internal Revenue Service
"What's In *YOUR* Wallet???"

The Central Intelligence Agency
"The White Swans Fly North for the Mashed Potatoes"

The U.S. Postal Service
"For When Your Computer Is In the Shop..."

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
"Making Sure Everyone Is Unemployed Equally"

Office of Government Ethics
"An Example of an Oxymoron Since 1978"

Federal Reserve System
"We Certainly Have Reservations About the Federal System"

Small Business Administration
"Because Soon It Will *ALL* Be Small Business"

Social Security Administration
"Hurry! Going Out Of Business Sale!"

[original idea and some material from Pastor Tim's Clean Laughs; edits and lots of additional material by Mark Raymond]


WORD for YOUR WEEK: Here's a great word for you this week: "bombinate." It's from the Old Latin word "bombus," which is an onomatopoeiaic word (hmmm, maybe next week I'll give you *that* definition), because it meant "boom," referring to the sound. Now it means a constant buzzing, a hum, a drone. As in, "the television bombinated into the night while Jacob slept soundly on the sofa."


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