Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Military Date

You have until December 10 to participate in a worthy service project called "Holiday Mail for Heroes."

It's an initiative by the Red Cross and Pitney Bowes to make sure our servicepeople around the globe know how much we love and appreciate their efforts.

Thanks and a tip o'the Mark's Musings cap to list member Lavonne T. for the heads up.


The wife of a friend returned from a tour of duty in the Middle East. To celebrate, we decided to double date for a night out on the town. Proud of her service record, my friend suggested that his wife wear her uniform.

Not only did a patriotic taxi driver refuse to take money for the fare, but an appreciative citizen paid for their meal at the restaurant and later, at the theater, the manager upgraded our balcony seats to ones near the orchestra, for free.

Toward the end of the evening my friend turned to his wife and said, "I still get credit for taking you out, right?"

[Reader's Digest Humor in Uniform via Ed Peacher's Laughter for a Saturday]


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Pitney Bowes said...

On behalf of everyone at Pitney Bowes and the American Red Cross, thank you for all of your support in helping to spread the word about the “Holiday Mail for Heroes” program.

We would like you to know that we’ve not only reached the goal of delivering one million cards to US service members, veterans and military families, but we surpassed it! And it’s all because people like you and your blog readers who got involved. View the following video for more details and a personal message of thanks from all of us:

We could not have done it without you.

Mark said...

Well, thank you! And there's only thing I can say in response ...